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question about debian constitution (vote counting)


I have a question about section A.6 (Concorde Vote Counting)
of the debian constitution.  The longer I look at it the less
I understand it.  For you reference: the relevant paragraphs are
  2.Option A is said to Dominate option B if strictly more ballots
    prefer A to B than prefer B to A.
  3.All options which are Dominated by at least one other option are
    discarded, and references to them in ballot papers will be
  4.If there is any option which Dominates all others then that is the
  5.If there is now more than one option remaining ...
  6.In the case of ties the elector with a casting vote will
    decide. The casting vote does not count as a normal vote; however
    that elector will usually also get a normal vote.

The way I read this I would think that there are only two

  (1) Exactly one option remains after step 3.
      Then this optin wins in step 4.


  (2) No option remains after step 3.
      Then the following is not very useful any more.

So my questions are: can the condition "If there is now more
than one option remaining" really become true?  Could anybody
construct an example outcome for this?  Or am I completely


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