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Seeking Sponsorship

Hello All,
I'm currently in the new maintainer queue, and am awaiting approval of my package by my AM. I'm looking for a maintainer/developer who could possibly take a look at my package and see if there are any problems that could cause a snag.

The package is mq3 (http://www.mq3.org) and the packages are in a Debian archive style tree at swirl.debian.org/debian. They are apt-get'able from the following site:

deb http://swirl.artramp.org/debian swirl main
deb-src http://swirl.artramp.org/debian swirl main

I'm also looking for someone in the Ottawa, Canada area to sign my key for the identification phase. If you could, please don't hesitate to email me privately. 

If you are going to reply to this, please also CC: it to me directly, to make sure I get it, even though I am subscribed to the list.

Thank you for your time,
	Kyle McMartin

(O-  Kyle McMartin <kmcmartin@hardedged.net>
|  ) "Reality is that which, when you stop believing
V_/_  in it, does not go away." -- Philip K. Dick 

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