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Re: use debconf directly from init.d?

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Chris Hanson wrote:
>    Chris Hanson wrote:
>    > Any reason not to do this?
>    Debconf is Not a Registry (TM)

I second that. Do *NOT* use Debconf as a registry. That is EVIL. Do not do

> That doesn't sound like a reason; it sounds more like an axiom.  Care

It is indeed, but if you do need a reason, here´s one: Should an admin need
to migrate the system´s configuration, he must NOT need to extract data from
debconf´s database to accomplish that.

Please dump the debconf data to a text conffile, and use that. And please
refer to the threads about debconf this month in -devel and -mentors, they
will help you avoid overwriting admin changes to the conffile improperly.

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