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Re: [Q] dpkg-buildpackage not generating .changes file...

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho proclaimed:
> On 20010103T112440-0800, Sudhakar Chandra wrote:
> > Sean 'Shaleh' Perry proclaimed:
> > > dpkg-genchanges is to be called with the -isp arguments if i recall.
> > dpkg-genchanges does not seem to recogonize the -p option.
> It's -isp, not -i -s -p.  It's a contraction from -is -ip

I did try -isp and not -i -s -p.  Here is what happens when I try -isp:

apu:/u/thaths/local-build/powertweak/0.99.0/powertweak-0.99.0 59%
dpkg-genchanges -isp
dpkg-genchanges: unknown option `-isp'

Debian GNU/Linux dpkg-genchanges 1.7.2. 
Copyright (C) 1996 Ian Jackson.
Copyright (C) 2000 Wichert Akkerman.
This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or
for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.

Usage: dpkg-genchanges [options ...]

Options:  -b                     binary-only build - no source files
          -B                     arch-specific - no source or arch-indep
          -S                     source-only upload
          -c<controlfile>        get control info from this file
          -l<changelogfile>      get per-version info from this file
          -f<fileslistfile>      get .deb files list from this file
          -v<sinceversion>       include all changes later than version
          -C<changesdescription> use change description from this file
          -m<maintainer>         override control's maintainer value
          -e<maintainer>         override changelog's maintainer value
          -u<uploadfilesdir>     directory with files (default is `..')
          -si (default)          src includes orig for debian-revision 0 or
          -sa                    source includes orig src
          -sd                    source is diff and .dsc only
          -q                     quiet - no informational messages on
          -F<changelogformat>    force change log format
          -V<name>=<value>       set a substitution variable
          -T<varlistfile>        read variables here, not debian/substvars
          -D<field>=<value>      override or add a field and value
          -U<field>              remove a field
          -h                     print this message

As you can see, dpkg-genchanges does not understand the options.


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