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Looking for a mentor: YARD RADIUS...

Hi folks

in order to become a Debian developer, I'm looking for a mentor
to debianize the YARD Radius package. I'm the upstream author
of the package, which you can find at


Yet Another Radius Daemon (YARD) is a free RADIUS RFC-compliant daemon
for accounting and authorization which is derived from original
Livingston Enterprise Inc. RADIUS daemon release 2.1. It adds a
number of useful features to the LE daemon, such as use of GNU
autoconf/automake, control of simultaneous logins, the ability to control user access by
username, groupname, GECOS field, or shell, support for Ascend, Cisco,
and USR boxes in VSA mode, and much more. It supports also all features of
the most recent LE daemon, and it is compatible with original LE
configuration files.

Anyone is so nice to help me :-) ?

Francesco P. Lovergine

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