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renaming packages (was: Bug#80573: should replace grafix)


On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Christian Kurz wrote:

> Are you sure that grafix1 and grafix-dev do not have any files in
> common? If yes, your suggestion would be alright.

yes, fine :)

> > Will "apt-get upgrade" work if the new package only has
> > | Replaces: foo
> > | Conflicts: foo
> > ioe, will it pick up the new package automatically if the old
> > one was installed? (it didn't for me although I might have
> > screwed up)
> Hm, why do you ask me such a question via this mail, when you can get a
> faster and better answer via IRC, where some other people can help too?

I'll ask on -mentors now [x-post & fup2]

We have an old package "grafix" which should be replaced by "grafix1".
What is the correct way to do this?

If I simply add the new grafix1 package with
Package: grafix1
Replaces: grafix
Conflicts: grafix

then apt-get install grafix1 will work just fine (i.e. remove grafix),
however apt-get (dist-)upgrade will not realize there's a new version
under a different name.

The only solution I could come up with currently is to make a new
"grafix" package also (with no content, only meta information) that
would depend on the "grafix1" package, so upon upgrade the new
grafix package would require grafix1 and since this conflicts with
grafix itself, grafix will be removed and grafix1 installed.

This is however an ugly solution in Shorty's and my opinion, so
I'ld like to know wheter there is a better solution.

If not, how long should this fake package be kept around?


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