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Re: NM help: toolchain

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Toni Mueller wrote:

> Hello,

Hi Tony,

> I'm in the process of qualifying for a Debian Maintainer and need
> to deliver some working packages. I've done some, but have problems
> understanding how the toolchain works (so my Build-Depends and Depends
> are out of line). Where do these ${shlibs...} et al get set, and how?
> Is there a way to find out short of digging all dh_* scripts up?
> Eg. 'grep -i shlibs: dh_*' doesn't turn up anything, too.

I assume you have read the chapter about shlibs in the Debian Packaging
Manual. Which are the parts you don't understand?

If you want to understand what the debhelper commands do try a
  man debhelper
This gives you much information and references to the other debhelper
manual pages.

> Best Regards,
> --Toni++


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