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Re: Having problems with my (newly created) debian package

Ok, thanks, people, for your help.

The deb package seems to be fixed in terms of the firewall init.d script and it's removal and install behaviour, but I can't seem to get file permissions working!

I have the following lines in my debian/rules file:


install: build
        dh_clean -k

        install --mode=700 --owner=root rc.firewall debian/rcf/usr/sbin



I have read the install manual page, which is where I found the --mode and --owner options, but they don't seem to be working, as I still get this when I install the debian package (it runs the firewall init.d script afterwards):

Performing Security Checks...

The owners and/or permissions for /usr/sbin/rc.firewall are incorrect.
Please execute the following commands:
        chmod 0700 /usr/sbin/rc.firewall
        chown root:root /usr/sbin/rc.firewall

These problems must be addressed before running rc.firewall again.


Can anyone give some advice as to why this might not be working?


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