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    Hi there!
I have prepared a package with debhelper and want to install a
single info file using dh_installinfo. This creates a line like

    install-info --quiet --section "Editors" "Editors" \

in the postinst script. Each time I install the package,
install-info breaks with an error

    failed to lock dir for editing

I understand that install-info looks for a file $infodir/dir,
where $infodir is /usr/info -- but cannot find one, because
there is just dir.gz on my system.

Some questions:

1. Where should the dir file be located: /usr/info or
   /usr/share/info. And if the latter: why has install-info

2. Should the dir file be gzipped, or shouldn't it? And if
   it should be gzipped, how do I make install-info to know
   about it?

3. To solve my problem: What should I do for installing the
   info file? If I use dh_installinfo, things crash. Should
   I write my own wrapper for install-info?   


Marco Kuhlmann                             marco.kuhlmann@gmx.net

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