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Re: gnupg and gpg-rsa

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Wouter de Vries wrote:

> I have woody installed and I would like to keep 
> using gpg-rsa after dist-upgrading. Gpg-rsa is not
> included in woody though so I installed it from potato,
> but every time I dist-upgrade my woody packages it gets
> deinstalled, because gnupg is upgraded to a newer, not
> supported version. Does anyone have a tip for me to let
> gpg-rsa remain on my computer and when will gpg-rsa be
> included in woody?

bartjan@laptop:~$dpkg -s gnupg|grep ^Replaces:
Replaces: gpg-rsa, gpg-rsaref

So no need for a separate gpg-rsa package anymore.

Tot ziens,


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