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RE: libraries

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Yves Arrouye wrote:

[Compiling a library, --enable-shared and --enable-static]

> "All libraries must have a shared version in the lib package and a static
> version in the lib-dev package. The shared version must be compiled with
> -fPIC, and the static version must not be. In other words, each *.c file
> will need to be compiled twice."

Yes, but a package is supposed to handle that if it supports
--enable-shared and --enable-static. libtool is especially good for that.

> In any case, since I'm one of the upstream maintainers of the package I'm
> packaging, I just changed it so that it will compile both .o and .static.o
> w/ different flags. But I'm still interested in clarifying your answer.

.static.o is bad because it is not portable to other compilers. Why don't
you use libtool?


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