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Re: What shall I package? Was: Re: sphinx

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Scott Dier wrote:

> Figures :)
> Thanks.  I should have checked first.
> Well, my background right now is mostly systems administration and
> programming, anyone got a service or something console based that needs
> to be packaged? :)

I've got the beginnings of a netsaint package that I never finished, if
you'd like it.  It's not exactly totally console (since it has a web
interface), but the package is nearly complete and just needs some small
work.  It's really two packages (one for netsaint proper and one for the
"plugins"), but both are easy to deal with.

Not sure of the licensing right now, since I did the package months ago
and needed it only for business uses at my old job, but it should be easy
to find out.


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