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Re: How to sponsor someone and upload a sponsored package?

Christian Kurz wrote:
>> > The person who signs the changes file gets mailed
>> > My sponsor when I was in the queue would forward me the mails from
>> > dinstall/ftp-master, yours probably did this as well
>> Hmm. Nope, Shorty did the signing and upload, however this mail went
>> directly to me:
> Because, I didn't use dpkg-buildpackage -m"maintainer" which sets the
> maintainer address for the upload but used -k"maintainer" which just
> defines which key should be used for the signature.

Much better.  I couldn't find this in the man page but --help
spits it out.

I wonder if it's too late for a sponsorship doc?  NM seems to
be rolling along nicely now so unless some mandatory period of
sponsorship is added to the NM procedure maybe sponsors can go
the way of the dodo.


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