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Sponsor's responsibilities

How exacting should a sponsor be?

A sponsor was reamed on a list a while back because he duploaded
a package with a fairly minor error.  He'd identified the problem
and told the packager to fix it in the next version and said that
this was his impression of what a sponsor should do.  That is,
get the package lintian clean, make sure the package does no
intentional or inadvertent damage, md5sum the tarball against
upstream and so on.  But let the packager make his own little
mistakes and fix them himself.

This happened to me when I was first sponsored.  I missed the
debhelper build-depends that my Standards-Version required.
But lots of old-time developers are getting caught by this
as they upgrade their packages.

Anyhow, ignore this specific example.  I just mean in the general
case.  Get it close or flog the package until it squeaks?


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