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Re: loserjabber and xmms or not?

Christian Surchi wrote:

> I have a doubt. I have ITPed loserjabber, a gtk client for
> livejournal.com. It can use xmms to extract title of played song directly
> form it and use it when it adds entry to journal. If I build package
> without xmms-dev clearly it will be impossible to use this marginal
> fetaures. On the contrary, if I build with xmms support, I will have a
> dependency on xmms... and it's not so good.
> What could I do?

There are a few options, it seems: you could separate xmms from libxmms (though
that would require cooperation of the other author), or build two binary
packages for loserjabber with and without the title extraction and filing (if
there's a --without-xmms configure option).  The latter would be something like
zephyr instant messaging, which can be built with or without Kerberos
authentication support.

You could also link against the static lib, creating a larger binary but
removing the xmms dependency.

The point: there's more than one way to do this.

-Adam P.

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