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xfont server hangs my system on boot

Im really sorry if this is the wrong type of message for this mailing list.
Im a newbie and could really use some help:

Im having a problem loading and installing X with Debian 2.1. After I
install X and use it once (and it works fine) the next time I reboot my
system will always hang at startup. The last message is "starting X font
server: xfsFontCacheInitialize hi=1048576 low=786432 bal = 70". Ive
reinstalled debian twice, and the same thing has happened. Ive looked
around, and all my fonts appear to be in the right place. I can boot into
single user mode, but no matter what I do, I still get that error when
booting up normally.

This is my first experience with linux, so I dont even know if like, I can
uninstall the font server, and reinstall it, or how I would even do that.
Like I said, X seems to work great the first time. But after I reboot, I
cant get in.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I really want to start using Linux and
this is frusterating :)

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