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Excursion into the realm of packaging =)

I have been using Debian for 18 months, maybe two years now, as a server for
my LAN at home, which is of course, complete overkill, but I enjoy it. For
most of that time have been loitering in the Debian and Debian Developer IRC
channels on OPN, following the mailing lists, and reading various
documentation in my spare moments, despite the fact that IRC expands to fill
all available time. I have now decided that I can contribute something to
the project, and have accordingly put my name forward on nm.d.o - now I
wait. =)

After a failed attempt at packaging sn, a small news server, earlier this
year, I tried again yesterday and sucessfully (I think =) packaged the
program tcpflow. Tcpflow is a packet grabber which reconstructs each side of
the TCP data exchange, called a flow, with one file for each. The packages
are available at http://www.hadesian.demon.co.uk/tcpflow/, and the homepage
is at http://www.circlemud.org/~jelson/software/tcpflow/. I was wondering if
some of you developer types could check over the package, which I admit is
very simple, with one binary and one manpage, and tell me if its OK, and
maybe sponsor it for upload to woody.

Many Thanks,

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