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Re: Uploading a new package....

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 01:51:31AM -0500, Clay Crouch wrote:
> > Greets, folks! :^)
> > 
> > I am currently in the process of creating several new packages.
> > However, one of these packages is destined for unstable/non-free,
> > and the rest are destined for unstable/contrib.
> > 
> > What entries do I need to make in the changelog/control to see
> > that this is the case? Or is there a non-free que I need to upload to?
> Read the new maintainer docs.  You want a Section: non-free/web field
> in your control file (or similar).

RTFM, huh? :^)

Well, the Debian New Maintainer's Guide says nothing (that I can find)
about sending a package to unstable/non-free, only unstable.

The Debian Packaging Manual says to use 'non-free' as there is no
distinction between stable|frozen|unstable in the non-free distro.
This entry is to be made in the changelog.

However, the reason I am asking it that there *is* a distinction
among stable|frozen|unstable in the archive. I have a full local
mirror to look at to check that. Unless I am mistaken about the
location of all those (regular) files under dists/unstable/non-free/

I am more than willing to go by the Packaging Manual and mark it
non-free, and let the archive maintainers place it by hand. I was
just hoping there was a way to automate it to save them the trouble.

Or is it already automated?

Thanx again for your time. :^)

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