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documentation in additional packages

I'm building a package (mozart) where documentation is provided by
upstream as sgml (about 30 documents), from which a documentation
set can be produced in html, ps or pdf. Since the binary is quite
big (a .deb is about 3 MB) and since the documentation package in
any of these formats (compressed) is about the same size I'm trying
to build a multi-binary source package which creates the binary
package, and one documentation package for each of the supported formats.
So, this makes


My questions:

- does it make sense to provide ps and pdf ? Should I drop one, if yes
  which one ?
- I could also partionate the documentation "vertically" that is
  by subject of the documents into "tutorial", "reference", etc., and
  provide the respective documents in all formats. Do you agree that
  "horizontal" doc packages, providing all documents in one format at
  a time, is a more sensible?
- Should I provide a doc package in sgml, and if yes, what should go into
  it and which tools could be used to access the doc in sgml (I'm quite
  ignorant on sgml)
- A doc package, say mozart-doc-ps, should it put the documents in
  /usr/share/doc/mozart-doc-ps/ps, or into /usr/share/doc/mozart/doc ?


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