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Re: Warning: Me, too! (was Re: NM : Dale Scheetz : is NM working fine ?)

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 03:57:58PM +0000, Bolan Meek wrote:

> Last week, I resubmitted my application, with return receipt
> requested,

How did you request it?  Simply asking it in body or something else?

> and the receipt _did_ return, so I know that _somebody_ is reading the
> emails.  However, I still am not added in whatever database is
> queried with the form at http://nm.debian.org

There should be an automatic answer from new-maintainer@debian.org, so
we can understand email is arrived and it is to be processed.

I wrote my request on 23 Jun 2000, and I don't know anything about my
email, is it arrived?, have I to resend it? :)
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