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Re: ITP umoria, and general questions for a new developer

On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 02:16:50PM -0400, Rene Weber wrote:
>     Hello,


>     Also, umoria is (to my reading) non-free.  The licence forbids it from
> being used in a commercial manner (see below for an excerpt from my
> debian/copyright file).  Is this a problem?  The binary is also setuid
> (games).  I can probably change the source so it's just setgid, but I
> haven't done that yet.  Is that ok?

I guess the binary needs to be setuid in order to write into score file.
You have to do it... according to debian policy, games should be
setuid games in order to write to score files.

put something like this in your debian/rules: (that is, if you 
are using debhelper)

binary-arch: build install
    chown root.games debian/tmp/usr/games/gbnserver
    chmod g+s debian/tmp/usr/games/gbnserver

and  following in your postinst:


chown root.games $SCOREFILE
chmod 664 $SCOREFILE

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