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>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Haber <Marc.Haber-lists@gmx.de> writes:

    Marc> So you wrote that message directly on murphy?

    Marc> Please take a look at my e-mail message
    Marc> <E12Kmk7-0002BM-00@q.bofh.de> that also has its first
    Marc> Received:-Header from murphy. I most certainly didn't write
    Marc> that message on murphy.

    Marc> I don't want to be insulting like you were, but I know my
    Marc> way around E-Mail headers. My employer pays my salary
    Marc> because of that fact.

I think you will find that the mailing list software does that...

Does Debian still use smartlist? I have just checked my installation
of smartlist, and it seems to do the same thing.

Let me guess, this line does it:

snoopy# pwd

snoopy# cat rc.submit 
     :0 wfh
     | formail -b -IFrom\  -IReceived: -IReturn-Receipt-To: -IErrors-To: \
        -IX-Pmrqc: -IX-Confirm-Reading-To: -IX-Ack: -IAcknowledge-To: \
        -IRead-Receipt-To: -IReturn-Receipt-Requested: -IX-Diagnostic: \
        -iStatus: -iReturn-Path: -iX-Envelope-To: -iX-Envelope-From: \
        -I"Precedence: list" -I"Resent-Sender: $listreq" \
        -uDate: -aMessage-ID: -aResent-Message-ID: \
        -a"To: $listaddr" -a"Resent-From: $listaddr" -A"X-Loop: $listaddr" \
        -a"Subject: Unidentified subject!" ${reply_to:+"-a$reply_to"} \
        -a"X-Mailing-List: <$listaddr> $ARCHIVE"

not sure why...

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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