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Re: pks_0.9.4 - looking for sponsor

On Mon, Feb 14, 2000 at 07:05:51PM +0100, Simon Richter wrote:
>  - The package doesn't build in a fakeroot environment:
> dh_fixperms
> chown: debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man8/kvcv.8.gz: Operation not permitted
> chown: debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man8/kxa.8.gz: Operation not permitted
> chown: debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man8/pgpdump.8.gz: Operation not permitted
> chown: debian/tmp/usr/share/man/man8/pks-mail.sh.8.gz: Operation not

That looks like you just didn't run it in fakeroot -- it's not required
to run fakeroot itself.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB. CCs of replies on mailing lists are welcome.

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