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Announce: GLE preliminary version


After quite a while I have packaged GLE (Graphics Language Editor)
finally.  My ITP was announced a year or so.  Reason why i took so
much time to finally package it?  Well, after some early problems
regarding copyright issues (there was no copyright notice in the
sources and I hand some problems to find the upstream author Chris
Pugmire) i got somewhat lazy on working for Debian.

This will change in the future, also i will have some more time to
work fort the project.

The program is used here at the local university by quite some people;
however, IMHO the upstream sources are in a rather bad condition so i
definitely have some work to do to make GLE a smart Debian package.
A preliminary version (which is labeled gle_3.3h-1.tar.gz) including
source and binary packages is available from


for testing.  I would be glad if some of you download and comment on
it before i upload it to master.

Some things to mention:

  * A file called makewarn.h is displayed at startup for everyone
    who tries to build GLE from source.  IMHO this only makes sense
    if it is build without the Debian developer tools since there is
    nothing to be warned about if you stay with dpkg-buildpackage.
    Q: is there a smart way to detect if the program is build from
    dpkg-buildpackage, that is, using existing mechanisms?

  * Platform is only i386 for now.  This is likely to change in the

  * Is there a smart way to handle changelogs from VI (elvis)?

Some words to the upstream sources: I know that they are in rather bad
condition so don't flame on me, I think i can fix most of these issues
in not too much time.

Kind regards.


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