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nscd confuses my preinst :-(


I have a big problem with this new glibc2 "nscd" program. This program
seems to be a cache for the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow: 

-=(/home/ch/debian/DOC)# adduser --system mysql
Adding system user mysql...
Adding new user mysql (100) with group nogroup.
Home directory /home/mysql already exists.

-=(/home/ch/debian/DOC)# usermod -c ttt mysql
usermod: user mysql does not exist

Some seconds later it would have been worked.

Now what should I do ? I can't use the libc "getuserbyname" functions
that would use the cache. Should I randomly put some sleep calls
into this script ? 

I think this could be a problem for many installation scripts....

Any suggestions ?


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