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Re: how to write a man page?

On Wed, 08 Sep 1999, David Coe wrote:

> Any hints/clues/pointers on how to write a brand-new man page?

> Debian-specific or not, I'd appreciate a style-guide and a
> syntax reference.  Thanks.

There are two good sources for information, which you may combine:
- man(7) (the man man page in section 7, which you can view with 
  "man 7 man). There was a new and much better version written on 16
  June 1999, so you should install manpages_1.25-1 or newer!
- groff_man(7) which is similar to man(7) but additionally explains
  how to create a dotted list.
- The "Linux Man-Page HOWTO", which should be available from
  http://www.shuttle.de/schweikh/home.html.  It was also in
  doc-linux-tex_98.09-1 (as /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Man-Page.gz) and
  doc-linux-html_98.09-1 (as /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Man-Page.html), but I 
  cannot find in the actual potato packages :-(



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