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Re: original package with CRLF as line separators

Radovan Garabik wrote:

> I am packaging a program, which uses CRLF as end of line (don't ask me how
> it got there :-))
> The problem is, I have to turn it to LF, because the program is a script 
> and won't run with CRLF. But if I do this, *.diff.gz will be as big as
> *.orig.tar.gz. Isn't there a better way? Maybe running dos2unix in
> debian/rules or so... 

That's what I'd do, creating new files in a staging subdirectory
that you can remove in `make clean' (so that you can run
`debian/rules binary' multiple times, so that the diff.gz stays

Bear in mind I usually ask questions here instead of answering
Peter Galbraith

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