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(upstream-)contrib, /usr/doc, and Depends

The package I'm packaging has two contrib programs, which are quite
definitly quick-hack level, not worthy of going in /usr/bin.  This raises
two problems:
1) Where do they go?
   They shouldn't go in /usr/bin.  I was going to put them in
   /usr/doc/naim/contrib, but that causes lintian complaints.
2) What should the permissions be?
   If they're in /usr/doc/naim/contrib, they can't be executable; they would 
   have to be in /usr/doc/naim/examples or /usr/bin for that.  But having
   non-executable scripts is inelegant.  And, naturaly, putting them in
   /usr/doc/naim/examples is wrong because they aren't really examples.
3) Do I have to depend on tclsh for one minor contrib program?  (Policy says
(Yeha, I know that's three questions, but 1&2 are really one _problem_.)

	-=- James Mastros

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