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Re: save us from well-meaning upstream authors.. :(

>> "Leon" == Leon Breedt <leon@obsidian.co.za> wrote:

Leon> In the latest upstream release of a package, the authors put a
Leon> debian/ directory into the source that is totally stuffed :(.

The author knows that you maintain this programm for Debian, right? Or 
did you just start? Then you should introduce yourself and ask him to
give you control of the debian directory.

Either ask the autor to release his program without the debian
directory, or make an arrangement how you can integrate the latest
debian directory you use into the source. This also means a new
versoin of the programm will be released, when the author is ready,
and when you have updated the debian dir to fit the new release.

The first option is easier, the second one will involve yourself into
a tighter relationship with the author, which can be benefical for the 
package, if you get along well, and no part has complains like you or
he takeing too long to do the syncronisation.


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