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Re: non-free file in free sources

>>>>> On Wed, 12 May 1999 13:16:11 +0200, Roland Rosenfeld <roland@spinnaker.de> said:

 Roland> I had a look into the xfig documentation and found out, that
 Roland> xfig has some code for writing GIF files in it, which is only
 Roland> used for capturing and can be replaced by PCX without any
 Roland> problems (only one change in the Imakefile). This results in
 Roland> using PCX and in not compiling f_wrgif.c (the file including
 Roland> all the GIF writing code).

 Roland> So it's no problem to create a really _free_ xfig binary
 Roland> package, but what about the sources? f_wrgif.c is part of the
 Roland> official upstream source package, should it stay there or
 Roland> should I create a new xfig_3.2.2.orig.tar.gz with this file
 Roland> removed?

 Roland> If I should remove this file from the upstream sources, how
 Roland> can this technically be done without changing the upstream
 Roland> version number?  Uploading a new Debian version does only
 Roland> upload a diff and removing f_wrgif.c by using the diff (which
 Roland> means that the complete file becomes part of the diff every
 Roland> line prefixed with "-") sounds not very useful for me...

 Roland> So what should I do? Simply ignore that this source file is
 Roland> non-free, while it is not used for creating the binary?

I'd definitely take it up with the upstream author and see if
something could be done in the next version.  Until then you can
remove the file from the .orig.tar.gz and do a dpkg-buildpackage with
the argument -sa so that the new source packages is included in your
next upload.

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