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Re: Snail mail for new-maintainers?

On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 11:46:56AM -0400, Jonathan Rosenbaum wrote:
> The developers-reference says:
>              * Alternatively, you may identify yourself with a scanned (or
>                physically mailed) copy of any formal documents certifying
>                your identity (such as a birth certificate, national ID
>                card, U.S. Driver's License, etc.). If emailed, please sign
>                the mail with your PGP key.
> What is the snail mail (physical mail) address for sending in proof of
> your identity? 

I'd like to know as well.  I sent in my application 2-3 months ago.  I got
2 e-mails from Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.north.de) asking for me to
resend my PGP key and ID, but after that, nothing further.  I sent an
e-mail a couple of weeks ago asking about the status, and I have recieved
no reply.

I'm not in a major rush, but I would like to become a maintainer.  I have
allready spoken with a current maintainer about assuming control of a
package or two which NEED updating.

If snail-mailing the information would help, I'll do it!  I'm ready to get
on with it!

Jon Marler

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