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Re: dh_fixperms not fixing /etc/cron.d entries

chomsky@debian.org wrote:
> On 16 Feb, I wrote:
> > 
> > I'm packaging software that includes a cron.d entry.  When i run lintian
> > on the .changes file, it seems that the /etc/cron.d entry is always 0755
> > instead of 0644 as is required.  No matter what I do, that file always
> > ends up being packaged with 0755 perms.  Why isn't dh_fixperms fixing
> > this file like it should?
> > 
> > Any help would be appreciated.
> > 
> There have been no responses to this; will someone please help?
> I can't close the bug against my package until I know how to fix it.

Sorry, I've been utterly flooded with writing DWN and organizing the debian
booth at linuxworld and haven't gotten to this. The short answer is it's a
bug in debhelper, it's on my todo list, and you should be able to fix the
permissions manually for now, by adding a chmod command after any
dh_installcron lines you may have. If that doesn't work to fix it, I'm
missing something..

see shy jo

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