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Re: dependencies problem

On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 12:01:56AM +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > 2. Use a debian/shlibs.local, that makes dpkg-shlibdeps ignore the x11amp
> >    dependancy. I think it'd look something like "libx11amp 1" but I'm not
> >    sure... I'll be happy to grab your package and fiddle with it and figure
> >    out the right thing if no-one else steps forward with a fix.
> I have libfltk source here, and it has libfltk 0 libfltk0 in that
> file. I'll try libx11amp 0 x11amp with X11Amp.

And yes, you were right: libx11amp 0 in debian/shlibs.local did the trick.

BTW I found this in debian/tmp/DEBIAN/shlibs:
libx11amp 0 x11amp
libOSS 0 x11amp
libwav 0 x11amp
libmpg123 0 x11amp
libmikmod 0 x11amp

Does this mean: for every program that depends on library named in first
field, with soname of second field, make it Depends: third field ?

I now searched the packaging manual, and shlibs.local is described there
as I suggested (libx11amp 0 x11amp), but it doesn't work for me. Someone
should put it in, as an exception.

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