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Re: [HOWTO?] Splitting one upstream package into several .debs

Joey Hess wrote:
> All the files above should be broken out into a library package, and a -dev
> package. See the packaging manual for details.

Thanks for all the help guys.  I am now packaging aspell into aspell.deb,
aspell-dev.deb and aspell-doc.deb  Should all of them go into the same
section (text)?  Or should each of them go into seperate sections (aspell =
text, aspell-dev = devel, aspell-doc = doc)?  Different packages seem to do
different things about this.  enlightenment-doc, for example, is in section
x11.  postgresql-doc is in section doc while postgresql is in section misc.

Also, here is how I see the dependancies between the various pcakages -

Package		Dependencies
aspell		suggests aspell-doc
aspell-doc	depends aspell
aspell-dev	suggests aspell-doc and aspell

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