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Re: Determining if package installed

LaMont Jones wrote:
> I have a package (Postfix) that wants to behave differently if NIS is
> installed (more to the point, if there is an NIS alias map).  Since I've
> managed to remain almost completely clueless on NIS, I was hoping someone
> could tell me the best way to see if NIS is installed, or scheduled to
> be installed.

If NIS services are used the last entry of the /etc/passwd file
should contain something like +::+.  I'm not doing NIS so it might
not reflect the exact set of characters.

> Then, of course, there is the question of the best way to tell the user
> (who probably has no intention of installing NIS) that if he ever does,
> he'll need to edit the Postfix config file if he wants a NIS alias map
> to be used...

I'd be in favour of a proper /usr/doc/postfix/readme.gz file.



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