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Re: Packaging beyond one's means

On Tue, Dec 15, 1998 at 04:29:31AM +1000, Jason Henry Parker wrote:
> I'm a recently accepted maintainer; a few days ago, while I searched for
> something to package, a friend suggested that I have a look at mozilla
> (since I'd managed to get it compiled on my own system from CVS).
> The more I think of taking it on, the better it sounds, but there's
> one snag[1].
> When I struggled to compile mozilla in 16M of ram, I got ENOMEM at
> total of three times, I nearly had to shut the box down completely to
> get it compiled.

Do you have swap?  It is a rule-of-thumb to have *at least* the same
amount of swap as RAM.  This may not hold for systems with 1GB of RAM,
but it very much holds for 16MB machines.  If you have the space, give
yourself 64MB.  You can add swap to a running system by using a swap
file.  See the swapon documentation.

> If I'd run out more often, I wouldn't consider this; but mozilla *is*
> going to be a good browser, espescially with nglayout, and has been
> orphaned for quite some time, so a newbie maintainer is better than
> none, right?
> I checked on master and va, they only have GTK1.0 installed, not GTK1.1,
> which mozilla needs to build.  Are there any hosts offered by debian
> that have libs from unstable to help out in this sort of situation,
> or should I let someone else carry the flame for a Debianised mozilla?
> Answers, questions, comments, flames welcome.
> Jason Henry Parker
> [1] : Isn't there always?
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