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Re: A few new-maintainer questions.

>>"Zephaniah" == Zephaniah E, Hull <warp@whitestar.soark.net> writes:

 Zephaniah> A few questions..  1: What is a good way for handling the
 Zephaniah> version fields to reflect that the upstream version is a
 Zephaniah> beta? In this case the upstream version is 1.05beta10,
 Zephaniah> leaving me with a bit of a problem (for when 1.05 is
 Zephaniah> actually released)..  Note that I do have a good reason
 Zephaniah> for packaging the beta version and not the stable release
 Zephaniah> before it

	I tend to prefer versions like 1.04.99999.beta10 or
 1.04.99999.pre5.beta10 ;-) 


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