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Re: Source code location?

In article <m0zfCTv-000IiuC@polya>, jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk (Julian Gilbey) writes:
>> Hmm. Interesting.  So how do you use it?  You *extend* the library?
>> Or you just read about it? ;)

> You use the library as any library by linking it to your code.
> However, imagine if some library had no independent documentation
> other than well documented source code.  And I mean SO well
> documented that it's a pleasure to read, and even enjoy.  That's
> what the SGB library is like.  (In fact, it's so readable that it's
> been published as a book.  Being written in CWEB means that you can
> create TeXable output from the source code, which can be
> pretty-printed.)

Yes, I'm familiar with the concept of literate programming.  Nice to
see a nice real world example.  My *practical* objection w/ literate
programming is that programmers generally don't write the best
documentation. ;)

>> My gut feeling would be under /usr/doc/sgb/examples, I suppose.

> OK, I'll go for that, thanks.  Would it be out of order to include a
> symlink /usr/doc/sgb/src -> /usr/doc/sgb/examples?  I hope not.

Sounds good to me... why not!

Also, another ok suggestion: /usr/src/sgb, and symlink
/usr/doc/sgb/src -> ../../src/sgb

It really come down to the "principle of least suprise".

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