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Re: Closing bug report when bug remains in stable?

In article <199807282257.AAA17505@fjorr.rydnet.lysator.liu.se>, Joel Rosdahl <joel@rosdahl.ml.org> writes:
> [Please CC: replies to me.]  Hi,

> I've got the impression that it's customary to close bug reports as
> soon as a fixed version of the package in question is available on
> the ftp site.  However, this hides the problem in the stable
> distribution, especially when the closed bug has been cleaned out
> (after some 28 days).  When another person detects the bug, {s,}he
> (hopefully) will file a new bug report on the same subject, et c.
> In some way, I want it to be clear that the problem exists in the
> stable version of the package.  So:

> How do I accomplish that?  (Do I?)

You don't, really, unless it's a security bug.  Generally, we don't
fix bugs in stable releases unless the are crippling or they are
security problems.  I know it can be frustrating, but as long as we
have release cycles which are pretty short (i.e., 6 months, rather
than 18) it's really the best way.

I know there are some who like to re-engineer the release process
entirely so proven good versions of packages trickle into stable.
However, I don't know when or whether this will happen.

> When will "hamm-fixed" (or whatever it will be called) be created,
> and who decides what it will include?

We have 'stable-updates'.  Read the developer's reference.

The decision is made by the archive maintainers.

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