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Re: user problem with my imap package

	1. the NFS server must set actimeo=0 for the exported directory
	  or there will be locking problems ... this is documented with
	  the imapd distributed with pine and on solaris 2.6 you will
	  actually see this message in NFS errors in /var/adm/messages
	  (so guess who already made this mistake :)
	2. general NFS weirdness (upgrade to latest version of solaris
	  if possible ... )
	3. Solaris has been on NFS v3 for a long time ... I don't know
	  about linux.  There is some negotiation between v2 and v3 on
	  the solaris side and there could be confusion there.
Good luck.

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> A user has written to me about a problem with my imap package but I don't
> know much about NFS.  Can anyone offer me a clue?
> It seems significant to me that he doesn't have problems connecting to
> another linux box (albeit RedHat not Debian) but not to Solaris.  I seem
> to recall reading somewhere that Linux is missing some NFS daemon solaris
> has?  Could that be it?
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> Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@braincells.com>
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Hello,
> I've installed your debian imapd package but am having trouble commiting
> changes to my inbox, and I don't know why.  Mail (/var/spool/mail) is
> NFS mounted from a directory on a SPARC, and I am trying to access the
> mailbox from another domain.  I can successfully log in and read my
> mail, reply, etc, from Netscape, but no changes are being saved. 
> Netscape also refuses to allow me to delete messages at all.  I have no
> problem using another imap server within this domain (redhat/Alpha) so
> it's not a Netscape problem AFAICT.  Any ideas why this may be so?
> A little diagram:
>  ____         ____         ____         ____
> /    \ 10Mb  /    \   T1  /    \ 10Mb  /    \
> | me | ----- | AA | ----- | BB | ----- | CC |
> \____/       \____/       \____/  NFS  \____/
> "me" is my machine, an Intel running NT/Netscape.  AA is an Alpha
> running Redhat/Linux, and acting as a masquerading firewall.  It also
> has a functional IMAP server.  BB is a SPARC running Solaris 2.4 that
> recieves mail, and CC is an Intel Debian/Linux that mounts the mail area
> from BB and runs an imap server, not really working.
> Thanks for any help you can give,
> Christopher
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