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Mesa + GGI, some help pls?

this is Aaron Van Couwenberghe, member of the Berlin Development Team.

I am currently involved in a project to supply an acceptable (packaged)
development environment for Berlin; this is to make it easier for
prospective developers to dabble in Berlin while the libraries it depends on
are still in alpha stages (and in states of flux). It's simply too much to
expect people to hunt down recent snapshots of libraries, retrieve latest
versions of unofficial patches, and hack things to work properly -- that's
what I have to get around.

	Anyway, I've been a member of the debian project for some time, but
just now have actually had a package to do. I've read all of the docs on
debhelper/debmake/dh_make, and the debian packaging manual. At this point I
should be able to build my packages, but a few easy things are still
slipping through the cracks. I need a little bit of help.

	My first thing to tackle will be mesa with GGI patches. I have a
working library; I just have to get a working debian/ hierarchy. I have done
most of what is necessary, and thought for a time that it worked. In its
current state, I can build mesa and two .debs (mesag3+ggi, mesag3+ggi-dev) by
running 'fakeroot debian/rules build'. I don't know where to go from here,
however. executing 'build' at the commandline doesn't generate debs (target
build is never invoked), only the required source diff (or archive,
whichever is appropriate). a dsc is not generated, nor is a .changes file

	Is there anyone out there willing to help me tackle this? I have
quite an agenda: ACE, TAO, Berlin, Mesa+GGI ATM. these all need to be
packaged. After I've gotten mesa out of the way, I think I can easily
tackle the others...

BTW, I _DO_ have permission from appropriate persons to make a package that
replaces mesa. My setup still links mesa to Xlib (et al), so X targets can
still be displayed.

Thanks in advance!

 Aaron Van Couwenberghe -- vanco@sonic.net

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