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First package. WNPP. Something


I announced packaging Malaga in -devel about a month ago.  I had it
almost ready the next weekend.  Now last Saturday, I finally decided
to tidy up the package and make it public despite of not (yet) being
given developer status in Debian.

The package is in <URL:ftp://ftp.jyu.fi/pub/linux/local-DEBs/malaga/>,
at least until my developer status application is processed.  Could
someone please review it?  It's Lintian clean (at least unless I drove
lintian badly), but I know there has to be things that an experieced
developer would notice instantly but escape Lintian and me.

On another point, I forwarded my Intention to package Malaga to wnpp
shortly after posting it to -devel (forgot to cc the posting).  I just
noticed that although WNPP was updated recently, it does not list me
or Malaga.  Is this normal or should I worry?

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho A7 <gaia@iki.fi> ** <URL:http://www.iki.fi/gaia/> **

                       The FAQ is your friend.
                            Trust the FAQ.

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