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About /etc/aliases modifications

Hello everybody,

some weeks ago I've learned that I should not modify any conffiles
including /etc/aliases. But today while re-reading the debian policy
manual ( I read :

| /etc/aliases is the source file for the system mail aliases 
| (e.g., postmaster, usenet, etc.)--it is the one which the 
| sysadmin and postinst scripts may edit. After
| /etc/aliases is edited the program or human editing it must 
| call newaliases. All MTA packages should come with a 
| newaliases program, even if it does nothing, but
| older MTA packages do not do this so programs should not 
| fail if newaliases cannot be found.

So where's the truth ? I think we should provide a way to edit
automatically /etc/aliases because there are a lot of package
that need to add aliases. Maybe a script update-aliases (like the one
for the window-managers) would be welcome ?

But which package would include it : "netbase" ?

Hertzog Raphaël ¤ 0C4CABF1 ¤ http://www.mygale.org/~hra/

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