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Re: wmakerconf in slink

>>>>> "Marcelo" == Marcelo E Magallon <mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr> writes:

    Enrico> Hi, I DL'ed gnome and wmaker (and related libs) and
    Enrico> wmakerconf and iinstalled them yesterday...I have to say
    Enrico> you that there is a problem in wmakerconf
    Enrico> andwmakerconf-data packages: the are both dependent. Here
    Enrico> is what Packages says:

    Marcelo>  And how is this a problem?

    Marcelo>  wmakerconf doesn't have datafiles of its own, it needs
    Marcelo> wmakerconf-data. wmakerconf-data won't do anything
    Marcelo> without wmakerconf installed. They are splitted because
    Marcelo> wmakerconf-data changes more ofter than wmakerconf.

    Marcelo>  What should I do? Make wmakerconf recommend
    Marcelo> wmakerconf-data and wmakerconf-data requiere wmakerconf?

I ran into this with gimp and gimp-data. I'd do just the opposite
of what you said; wmakerconf should depend on wmakerconf-data,
but wmakerconf-data should just recommend wmakerconf.

I know it's rather silly, but people installing things without apt or
dselect can't ever seem to figure out that dpkg -i wmakerconf.deb
wmakerconf-data.deb will work.


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