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Packaging/maintaining questions (one-liner)

I've written a small program called One-Liner, which I'd like to package
as 'oneliner'. I've applied to be a Debian developer, I've written some
documentation (but the program is only a few dozen lines of C code in
one source file!) in the form of a manpage and a README, I've written a
Makefile, and I've written an entry for the Debian menu system. I've
gotten it into a package (.dsc, .tar.gz, .changes, .deb) after problems
with several different things, and tried installing my package, and it

OK. Now what? I guess I have to wait for the developer application to go
through, but I'd like to verify that I packaged oneliner correctly and
haven't left anything out. So, I've placed all four files on my local
web server, which should be up most of the time (but it's on a POTS
line, so... <g>). They're at http://compserve.dyn.ml.org/devel/ .

Also, when I sent my request for developer status, I'm not sure I signed
the message correctly. I did a "pgp -sa dev-req.txt -u 'Jamey Sharp
<sharp.one@bigfoot.com>'", and it left me with a new file where the
first line said "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----". I attached that to my
message, but it didn't fit what I was expecting, having used PGP 2.6.2
in DOS...

Thanks in advance for any help.


| Jamey Sharp - sharp.one@bigfoot.com |
|  http://compservices.home.ml.org/   |
|     My system powered by Linux!     |

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