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using packages in slink

Hopefully this question isn't too dense, but I'm interested in seeing how
others handle this problem.  I pointed my hamm system at an ftp server
carrying slink and updated my package list.  Now dselect wants me to
update about 80MB of software on my system.  This is ok, I guess, but I
happened to notice that one of the packages was libstdc++ 2.9.  If I load
this and then build my package (wanpipe, which has one executable which
links against this), isn't that basically forcing everyone who wants to
use wanpipe to start using slink instead of stable?

On a related note, I'm still completely in the dark about how packages
migrate through the different sub-distributions within a release.  i.e.
should everything I upload to master be classified as "unstable"?  And
when/how/by which criteria will it move to "slink" and then maybe to

Sorry once again if these aren't rocket science.  I've been using Debian
since 1.1 in production and have never used anything except "stable".  Now
that I'm maintaining a package, I want to be using the latest revision,
but don't see a way of doing that outside of placing that package in my
dists/stable/local directory on my company's internal mirror.  I'd also
like to understand better what makes up a (point) release and how we can
help those who are working on it.  (i.e. upload revs early and often, or
try to keep uploads to a minimum while the package slowly ripens in my own
test environment...)


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