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Faking Root: Solved

John Lapeyre wrote:

Ok I think I have a handle on the problem.  The guy who wrote minvend
wrote it all
in perl in including the installation.  There a perl interface for build
that cant be used.  The perls scripts would do theses things:
	install the files
	download with cpan updated needed
	configureate all file(and the c code to be compiled)
	compile the c code (with hardcoded directory values)
I was finally able to change the man/library directories, and figure out
to change the directory within the script.  I also found the one line
after some tedious search, that links that installation to the
configuration, and severed it.  I will use the configuration perl to
build my configuration scripted for my debian package.  So I'm pretty
sure I have everything installable into the file.  Now I have to make
sure I have duplicate my results in a script.  I'm contemplaing that
when building I will just overwriten the author installation and
configuration, and then I'll be all set.  Now to build some man page for
the commands. I'll do it in my continued lessons of vim.

Thanks all

Philip Thiem

>         I am not sure I understand all the posts on this. If it is perl
> modules (using Makefile.PL) you can perl packages that I maintain for a
> generic way to do this . (it sounds like you may have additional
> complications)  . Check out other people's perl modules for how they solve
> it. Downloading other source packages is the quickest way to learn.
>         For other things.  I tend to solve it on a case by case basis.
> Often it is possible to find the location in the source where location of
> files are and hack it by hand.  I also sometimes add provisions to read
> this info from a file in /etc .  In at least one case this was only 10
> lines of code.
>         Unfortunately, most packages I find still assume the outmoded
> model of a sysadmin building and installing the package on a single
> machine.
>         John
> John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
> Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

   All windows user please exvacuate the building
         (So I can install a better OS on the comps)
Pass on the GAS get NASM instead.

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