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Re: nv for linux


> the library libtk.so.3
> Could anyone tell me where can I find this library and how to install
> it?.
> A friend of mine told me that tcl8.0 could be the library that I was
> looking for.

Tcl8.0 is not the library you want, although you may need it in order for
Tk to work. Tk is an X Windows widget toolkit that uses the Tcl library,
hence the popular term used when both are used "Tcl/Tk."  The current
versions of Tcl and Tk are 8.0 for both.  Tk jumped from version 4.2 to
8.0. The library you apparently need, Tk 3.0, is very old.  I'm not even
sure if it still available in most Linux distributions.  Also, Linux 1.3
is old, too.  You may want to consider upgrading.  I know this doesn't
really help you, but I am really not sure where you can get Tk 3.0.

By the way, why did you e-mail the Debian Mentor's list?  The Debian User
list may have been better for your libtk.so.3 problem.


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