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Re: copyright

On Tue, 8 Sep 1998, George Bonser wrote:
> GPL conflicts with everything ... by design.  No, you can not have both.
> The GPL specificly states that.

Not true. The original author can release the code under two licenses.
Perl for example.
> Also, once it is GPL you can never un-GPL it unless you completely
> rewrite the code. You can not GPL something and then release an new
> version under a different license if it contains code from the GPL
> version.

No. The original author can release the new version under any license they
want. Or even the same version under two licenses. Licenses are not
binding on the copyright holder.

Examples: Perl, Alladin GhostScript, anything LGPL'd.

Even without involving the original author, if the second license permits
the GPL to be applied - e.g. an X-style license allows this - you can add
the GPL as an alternative license and continue to provide the code under


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