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Questions about packaging a python script

I am in the process of packaging linbot - a python script to do link
verification.  I have a few questions -

1. linbot.py and associated *.py files need to be installed in the same
directory.  I was thinking of installing these under /usr/lib/linbot/ 
Is this the Right Thing to do?

2. I will ln -s /usr/lib/linbot/linbot.py /usr/bin/linbot  Is this
compliant with the Debian packaginh policy?  Should the symbolic link be
relative?  I don't think it should be absolute.

3. Should debian/rules or makefile create the symbolic link?  Or should
that part be done by postinst?

4. If I want to set / appened to an environment variable (PYTHONPATH)
globally for the entire system, where (which files under /etc) would I
do it?  Should postinst do it?  If so, there is the whole problem of
variations between the numerous shells.  Or should I leave it to the

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